The Benefits Of An Independent Pharmacy

There is more to a pharmacy than the pharmacist who prepares medication and customers who reap the benefits of such preparation. Some customers go with chain pharmacies because of the convenience and rewards programs these locations offer. An independent pharmacy, however, provides a welcoming atmosphere that chain pharmacies cannot offer guests.

The Environment Of An Independent Pharmacy

An independent pharmacy is typically smaller than chain pharmacies, which focus on filling prescriptions and selling basic home goods. The average chain serves as a one-stop location for late-night supplies. There is also the benefit of drive-thru pharmacies at chain pharmacies.

An independent pharmacist is more concerned with customer relations, which is why individuals may not see a drive-thru window attached to the building. In fact, the average independent pharmacies are the size of storefront stores, which typically means there is no line or multiple departments to go through before reaching the pharmacist.

A friendly and intimate atmosphere gives independent pharmacists the opportunity to take more time to get to know customers. Such excellent customer service leads to better relationships and the loyalty that Rewards Programs are designed to establish in patrons of bigger chain pharmacies.

Decreased Wait Times And Same-Day Delivery

Independent pharmacies tend to offer same-day delivery by default. There are not as many orders to fill, which means an order placed in the morning will likely be available by the end of the day.

Independent pharmacies also offer decreased wait times by default. Some pharmacists may even be able to provide rush deliveries if there are no other orders waiting. The average chain pharmacy does not offer rush deliveries by default. In fact, some customers may find themselves paying more for same-day delivery at a larger pharmacy.

Custom Prescription Orders

One of the reasons that chain pharmacies are able to handle bulk orders is because of their commitment to offering standard blends. An independent pharmacist, however, can provide custom blends of medications if time is available. The experience that many independent pharmacists offer gives them the flexibility to think outside the box and offer specialized blends of prescriptions.

More Experience Means Fewer Mistakes

No one is perfect. An independent pharmacy, however, usually comes with fewer mistakes than chain stores. A local pharmacist is not rushing through orders. Thus, he or she has more time to review the doctor’s requests regarding the patient and accurately fill the order

Retail chains do not make a myriad of mistakes as there are skilled pharmacists filling orders at these locations as well. Time constraints coupled with dozens of orders coming in at once, however, may compromise the environment. A compromised environment is a breeding ground for significant errors not limited to:

  • Providing the customer with the wrong prescription blend;
  • Overlooking allergies;
  • Providing the customer with the wrong dosage;
  • Giving customers the wrong instructions for taking medication.

An independent pharmacist typically has more time to look over his or her work. The additional oversight can avoid costly and life-threatening errors.

In Conclusion

Retail pharmacies come with the convenience of being on every corner and in major cities throughout the nation. An independent pharmacist may only have one location, but he or she offers the skills and attention to detail customers need to confidently take prescription drugs. Those looking for excellent customer service and specialized prescription orders may find better options with an independent pharmacy.


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