Why Methods of Self-Detox Don’t Work

With all of the self-help books on the market there is a huge misperception that nearly any problem can be tackled by following a few simple steps. It can be dangerous to attempt a detox from some drugs due to the nature of the severe withdrawal symptoms that are produced from quitting suddenly. Locate an expert detox center in Murfreesboro TN and find out if a medical detox is needed in your situation

Drug Addictions and Physical Dependence

Physical dependence happens when the body becomes accustomed to the regular intake of any addictive substance. Veering off of this amount can lead to everything from slight discomfort, to an all-out panic and moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms. It depends on the type of drug being used and how often. Development of an addiction is in direct correlation to the dependence on the body to have the necessary amounts in the body to push off withdrawal symptoms.

The Truth About Physical Withdrawal

Physical withdrawal from some drugs when taken in high enough amounts can be severe and leave you at risk for medical problems without direct supervision. It may require medical emergency intervention. Physical withdrawal can involve symptoms like: – Profuse sweating – Nausea and vomiting – Elevated blood pressure – Increased heartbeat – Dizziness and fainting – Hallucinations – Shaking and seizures – An intense headache – Burning or crawling sensations on the skin – Cardiac arrest – Coma – Death

When Self-Detox Goes Wrong

You can find a few stories out there about people that have attempted to break free of drugs cold turkey and they are the first to express how a scary and tough battle ensued. Most consider themselves lucky that nothing really bad happened, but there are as many stories that have no happy ending. Falling into a coma and then experiencing cardiac arrest with no medical professionals around can cost you your life.

Why Self-Detox Places You at a Higher Risk for Medical Complications

The biggest reason that you are at higher risk for medical complications when self-detoxing is that you have no medical monitoring. Trained medical personnel know what to look for to see a problem starting and know how to get things under control. What might seem harmless to you can be a sign of a serious complication starting. You can end up without any way to contact emergency medical services by losing consciousness. A medical detox is a much safer way to get the drugs out of your system.

What is a medical detox?

Medical detox is a program entered into through a drug treatment center that is clinic-based and run by a trained medical staff. Each member is experienced in dealing with every type of drug addiction and the withdrawal symptoms associated with the reduction and elimination of use. You are monitored from the start and interventions for medical emergencies are available at any time of the day or night.

The Importance of Medical Detox for Addiction

It’s vital to seek out professional medical detox for your safety and the success in your battle towards recovery. Being free of dangers from medical emergencies is only half the trouble that can befall you when trying to detox on your own. The other danger is stopping the detox when the withdrawal symptoms get hard to handle. Medical detox offers medications that can help ease symptoms to make it more bearable.

Making the Transition Between Detox and Therapeutic Treatment

The ability to successfully pass from detox to therapeutic treatment is essential in treating addictions. Self-detox might result in the individual skipping the vital follow-up of therapy and learning how to stay drug-free. The tools you can learn in individual and group therapy can play a big role in avoiding relapse. Medical detox is normally done at the same location as the continued treatment. The transition between phases of the program are seamless.

Make the Break Between Drug Use and Treatment Safer and More Comfortable

Getting all of the drugs out of your system will clear your mind and prepare you for the next part of your journey. Not every client requires detox, but if you do, isn’t better to know you are in safe hands that work hard to ensure your experience is as positive as possible?

Contact a drug treatment center that handles detox for the particular drug or drugs you need to stop using. You can dramatically increase your chances of becoming addiction-free.

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