The Container Holds Everything We Hold Dear


There are many famous quotes about the importance of the vessel or container. Our skin is the container for our internal atmosphere. The earth is our container for growing food. The ozone is the container for our planet’s atmosphere. Without a container, most things wouldn’t exist. When it comes to our modern-day health and well-being, supplements are becoming an ever-important way to obtain all the nourishment we need. As we increase our use of drugs, natural medicine, and superfoods, we need to be aware of our options when we choose to encapsulate them.

Depending on the substance, the way we use and consume it will be different. Some herbs, powders or oils have a pleasant taste and the container can be our food or even just water. Smoothies and elixirs have become a popular way to intake powders that might otherwise be offensive to the senses. Veggie capsules are another container in which we can easily ingest the medicine or consume nourishment we need to take internally.

Veggie capsules are best found in health food stores and online. We can obviously control what we use with our medicine if we’re doing it with food, but when it comes to capsules you are also internalizing what the capsules are made from. There are specific companies that specialize in vegetarian and vegan materials, so their customers know exactly what they are consuming. Knowing what you are putting into your body is the key. The platform at a site like has a variety of capsules made from many different materials, depending on what you are comfortable ingesting.

If you are someone who is only consuming organic substances, items like capsules can unknowingly get lost in the mix. Many capsules are made with gelatin which derives from animal bone. Many supplement companies can add fillers without informing the customer. Vegetarians and vegans should know there are many other options. Plant-based capsules are made with cellulose, deriving from pine or poplar trees. There are more and more options becoming available, including capsules made from seaweeds. When we are looking to ingest herbs, probiotics, and other substances that we want to keep encapsulated until the lower intestines, we want to look for enteric capsules. These little containers are resistant to breaking down with stomach acid and can transport the substance in the lower tract.

Much like our digestive system, if we are putting acidic substances in the capsules, they might break down before we consume them. With some of the hotter essential oils, making them ahead of time can result in a dissolved capsule mess. All of these factors should guide you as you choose what kind of capsules would be best for your use. The biggest reason to bring capsule use into your life is to allow you to intake powders, oils, and other substances that would otherwise be too unpleasant to take. Turmeric is a wonderful root powder that has many wonderful anti-inflammatory effects. We don’t generally like the taste enough to consume the amounts that would create the impact we expect. This is where making your own capsules begins.

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