Potential Applications of Remote Patient Monitoring

Is your practice on the fence about remote medical monitoring (RMM) also known as remote patient monitoring (RPM)? Have you yet to invest in this useful, modern tool for improving patient outcomes? Read on to find the overarching reasons you should use this technology to help patients as they recover at home.

An RMM device provides the doctor, nurse, or nurse practitioner with up-to-date, real-time information on heart rate, blood pressure, activity level, etc. Using such technology to monitor a patient after their release from the hospital has reduced readmission to two percent when using RMM. In cardiac patients, it reduced readmissions by 51 percent in a study of 1,256 individuals.

Small practices can just as easily implement the use of RMM technology. In fact, it can help the small practice by reducing the number of in-person visits needed. That results in less burnout for the doctors and their staff. It increases patient satisfaction by improving their doctor’s knowledge of their health and making them feel as if they received better care. In a study conducted by Centura Health, 85 percent of the respondents indicated an increase in satisfaction with their level of care when their physician used RMM.

The concept of RMM has many applications, from assisting with monitoring patients in an alcohol or drug rehabilitation facility to monitoring athletes after an injury, especially a concussion.

A rehab center can use wearables to monitor its patients whether undergoing in- or out-patient treatment. Set to monitor vital signs and levels of medication, it can accurately report changes that indicate a patient is using alcohol or drugs.

With respect to athletes, the team doctor can assign a wearable device to the player who incurred a concussion and monitor their post-concussion vital signs as well as activity levels. This can help better manage those individuals at any level of play but could be especially useful at the college and pro levels, a boon to the NFL’s concussion protocol. A wearable device removes the player’s ability to fudge their recovery or how they feel to regain playtime. Some NFL teams already use the technology in conjunction with training and practices, such as the Carolina Panthers.

Choosing the right remote patient monitoring platform means getting help implementing its use and integrating it into your existing practice methodology. Implementing RPM can result in a 4.2 times return on investment when done right, making platform choice more important.


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