Online Peptide Vendors Are Duping Buyers

Buying peptides online is not as transparent as buying from stores downtown. With the former, you can trust that the vendor will package and ship the actual peptide you wanted, and unless you get the package, you can never know whether you purchased the right thing.

With the latter, however, you have a chance to verify the purchase before you leave the store. With the dynamics regarding the online selling of peptides, there are unscrupulous vendors who will intentionally ship the wrong peptide purchased by a customer. And this is a vice mainly rampant in countries where peptide synthesis doesn’t take place, and the vendors rely on getting their supplies overseas.

A study done in the United Kingdom using Google Search, focused on purchasing peptides from online vendors who claimed vials with 10mg of melatonin. It was discovered that the peptides delivered by the vendors either didn’t have the required amount of the melatonin or they didn’t have melatonin at all. What is even more displeasing is that all the shops were legitimately registered, and the purchase required the use of secure credit cards.

The same study also featured three stores that claimed to sell vials with 10mg of melatonin, only that these three stores had no clear details on legitimacy or registration. As usual, they also required that the purchase be made through secure credit cards.

But when the peptides were delivered and the contents tested, it was discovered that they contained the exact amount of melatonin as had been indicated. This is more than frustrating to discover that some legit businesses would fail to deliver the purchased peptides, while those that appear illegitimate seem to deliver the correct things.

It should be noted that this is not always the case, and this was a highly random experiment. As usual, we expect the legit businesses to deliver on their promises, and you should be very cautious when buying your peptides from illegal vendors, which is not recommended.


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