Introduction To Adaptogens And What To Learn About Its Benefits

Adaptogens are herbs or mushrooms that are believed to have beneficial properties to ones’ health. Manufacturers who have them as an ingredient to their products claim that adaptogens do have a range of benefits, like their ability to reduce stress. Because of this more people are looking to find the best adaptogen supplements that they can take to improve their overall well-being.

Understanding How Adaptogens Work

Adaptogen can be an ingredient to various products like teas, tinctures, powders you can add to food, and supplements. The theory behind adaptogens is that it has the ability to help the body adjust to various stressors – physical, chemical, or biological. By using products that have adaptogens, they are thought to stimulate the body’s stress-protection response. This encourages the system to return to a balanced state called “homeostasis.”

Types of Adaptogens

There are at least 70 herbal plants that are adaptogens. Some of them have already been proven and tested to be effective by traditional Eastern medicine centuries ago. To give you an idea, here are the adaptogens that are believed to provide positive effects on the body, especially with the immune system.

  • This is an evergreen shrub that originates in India, the Middle East, and other regions of Africa. Ashwagandha can help not only with stress relief, but also with anxiety, and fight against aging.
  • This has always been a staple in ancient, traditional Chinese medicine. This adaptogen is commonly used with other herbs in order to treat problems like hay fever. It can also help boost the immune system.
  • This is a very popular herb and for sure you have already heard of it. It is a traditional Chinese medicine that can help boost the immune system. There are two popular types of Ginseng these days, American ginseng and Asian ginseng. Both are considered adaptogens.
  • Rhodiola Rosea L. Some research claims that this high-altitude shrub has positive effects against skin aging. It is also believed to have cancer-fighting elements. It grows mainly in the arctic and mountainous regions of North America, Europe, and some parts of Asia.
  • Also known as Holy Basil, this adaptogen is called “The Queen of Herbs” for some reason. It is a fragrant plant used in traditional medicine. It is basically used for almost everything, including cough and colds, and even as a remedy for scorpion bites. It comes from India but is also available in other parts of Asia.

Adaptogens are now readily available as supplements. If you want to give it a try, you must remember that the claims for its benefits will differ for each person. It all depends on how the body reacts to this ingredient. But overall, it’s so effective for some people that is definitely with a try for you.

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