How to Become an Esthetician

An esthetician is a skincare expert who specializes in deep cleansing treatments, massages, and hair removal. They are often self-employed and can set their own hours. If you are wondering how to become an esthetician, keep reading to learn more.

Complete an Approved Esthetician Program

The first step to becoming an esthetician is completing a two-year (or shorter) program where you will learn all you need to know about ethics, laws, technique, safety, and sanitation. These courses are typically offered at community colleges and beauty schools. Often they will require an internship as well, to give you some hands-on learning experience.

Acquire a State License

Once you’ve passed all your classes, you’ll need to get certified for an esthetician license. Each state has different requirements, but you’ll likely need a set number of experience hours, and you’ll have to pass a state exam. This exam can be written, practical, or both, so make sure you check your state’s requirements and know exactly what you need.

Begin Work

After being certified and licensed you’ll be able to start working. You might get discouraged during this time because it’s hard to build up clientele when you don’t have much work experience. The pay might also be lower than expected while you are new to the job, but don’t give up hope. Start with entry-level jobs and as you put in the time and work you’ll be able to move up, maybe even setting out on your own in no time.

Stay Up to Date

Throughout your career make sure you stay up to date on your certification. You’ll need to renew every few years, based on your state’s rules. In addition to certification, you should always be on top of the latest skincare trends and research. The world of beauty and skincare is constantly changing, and you need to stay on top of it to be the best esthetician possible.

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