Analysis of RT-PCR Test Drives In Gurgaon And Its Impact On Ongoing Pandemic  

With the increasing spread of coronavirus, it has become very important to get yourself tested. Effective testing is the only vital tool to control the deadly virus. In this blog, we are going to discuss everything about the RT PCR test in Gurgaon, which is the most reliable and accurate test for covid.

What is the RT-PCR Test?

RT-PCR is an acronym for Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction, which is considered one of the most sensitive techniques for the detection of mRNA and its quantification. It can even be used to detect the mRNA from the tinier samples as well.

Moreover, the RT-PCR test detects the presence of the SARS virus in your body. It tells you whether you are infected with the virus or not. The most significant thing about this test is that it detects the tiny fragments of the virus even when you are no longer under the arrest of the virus.

A positive test indicates that the virus has entered your body and you are likely to have the Covid infection. On the other hand, a negative report is a good sign because you are safe, the virus has not entered your body yet! But it can enter anytime, so make sure to stay safe.

Most importantly, if you see any symptoms of the virus, then get yourself tested as soon as possible to stay on a safer side.

How does the COVID-19 RT-PCR test work?

There are three main steps performed in the RT PCR test in Gurgaon, namely sample collection, extraction and PCR.

At first, the sample is collected using a nose swab to collect the respiratory material, which is found in your nose. The swap has a delicate tip on a flexible and long stick, which is then inserted into your nose. Other than this, there are various kinds of nose swabs such as nasal swabs which collect the samples instantly from your nose. The other one is a nasopharyngeal swab that goes directly into the nasal cavity.

Any type of swab is enough for the sample of the virus. After the collection of samples, it is sealed in an airtight tube and then sent to the laboratory for further testing. When the sample is received by the laboratory, they carry out a process which is called extraction. This process separates the genetic materials from the virus.

Then, they make use of a PCR machine (called thermal cycler) along with some special chemicals. They cause reactions that produce millions of replicates of tiny portions of the genetic material of the virus.

During this whole process, one chemical which is present in the cycle generates a fluorescent light if the actual covid virus is present in the sample. This fluorescent-coloured light is nothing but a signal that is identified by a PCR machine. Also, a special kind of software is used to declare the signal as a positive result.

Impact Of RT-PCR Test on Ongoing Pandemic

The Government is encouraging each individual to get themselves RT PCR tested. The reason behind this is that the RT PCR test in Gurgaon is the only accurate test that even detects the tinier particles of the virus.

RT PCR tests are positively affecting people since they are more accurate than antigen tests. Most significantly, they show a detailed profile of the patient and where the infection has reached their body.

Furthermore, RT PCR tests do not show fake results unlike the basic saliva tests and throat swabs. Other than this, they promote social distancing as the nasal swabs can be taken at home or from the patient’s car too.

All in all, doctors prescribe RT PCR tests in Gurgaon. If you see any symptoms in yourself or anyone else, then book your slot and get yourself tested.

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