A Few Amazing Things About Your Eyes

Your probably learned at an early age that your eyes are truly remarkable things. They allow you to see things very far away, and they can also focus on the tiniest of objects. With a little help from optics such as telescopes and microscopes, humans can peer into the heavens and identify one-celled organisms. Your eyes also can reveal your emotions, allowing people to read when you are happy or sad. The amazing things about your eyes just go on and on.

Your Eyes Are Pretty

When people wax poetic about the beauty of a person’s eyes, they are usually referring to the iris, the colored part that surrounds the pupil. Iris colors have an amazing range, from greens, blues, browns and blacks, and these colors change with the light. To bring out this color even more, eyewear Halifax offers a line of frames that can deepen or accentuate the beauty of the iris. It’s a style statement that takes advantage of your natural beauty.

Your Eyes Are Super Fast

Of all the muscles in the human body, the eye is the fastest muscle. A blink happens in about 100 milliseconds. For those who don’t know, a millisecond is a thousand times quicker than a second. That doesn’t mean you can blink that many times in a second, but a person can blink five times in one second. Like other muscles, the ones in your eyelids are controlled by the nervous system.

Your Eyes Give You Depth Perception

If you only have vision in one eye, it will be hard if not impossible to tell how far away objects are. With two eyes, known as binocular vision, you are able to see something and determine how far away it is. Our brain instantly calculates the differences from one eye to the next and from the minor difference allows you to accurately gauge how far away that pencil is from your hand. This is just one more amazing fact about your eyes.


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