3 Ways To Treat Asthma

An asthma diagnosis can happen at any point in a person’s life. It is a chronic disease that may come and go depending on the individual’s triggers. There is currently no cure, but symptoms can be managed through the development of a treatment plan by a physician. Depending on the person, the severity of the symptoms and the triggers, the treatment may involve the use of inhalers, infusion treatments or medications taken by mouth.

  1. Inhalers and Nebulizers

People who struggle with asthma often use inhalers or nebulizers. There is a variety of medications that can be used in inhalers and nebulizers. Both methods deliver medication directly to the lungs. There are two types of inhalers, dry powder and metered dose. They can be carried easily and used as needed all day long. A nebulizer works by turning liquid medication into a mist that can be inhaled.

  1. Infusion Treatments

Different medications that do not need to be delivered directly to the lungs can be administered through infusion therapy techniques. Look into places that offer Chicago home infusion services to get more information about what is offered in the area. Infusions may be useful for people who are struggling to control their symptoms through the use of inhalers, pills or liquid medications.

  1. Pills and Syrups

Another common part of a treatment plan is the ingestion of pills and liquid medications. Depending on the circumstances, the pills and syrups may need to be taken daily to prevent or combat symptoms or taken as needed during an asthma attack.

Everyone is different and may react to treatments differently. Some people will need to take medications consistently, while others will only need treatment during certain times of the year. Make sure that any treatment plan followed is recommended by an experienced physician. If symptoms change or worsen, get advice from a doctor before making any changes.

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