3 Things You Should Definitely Keep in Your Camping Bag

Camping is a trip far removed from society’s technoculture. It’s a simple vacation, getting back in tune with nature and releasing some unwanted stress from the busy world. Rather than sitting at desks and staring at screens, people observe the birds overhead and the squirrels playfully running off into the trees. They return to quiet activities such as hiking and fishing, appreciating each other’s time and what is around them. Nature’s visitors can pop up a tent, start up a fire, and breathe in the fresh air. It’s best, though, to prepare for any occasion, so campers should consider keeping the following three objects with them at all times.

  1. Skin Protection Products

Time outdoors provides lots of vitamin D, assisting the immune system and keeping the body healthy. It can have some downsides, too, such as exposure to mosquitos and UV rays. To combat these two negatives, stock up on skincare items that prevent undesirable issues and alleviate frustrating burns and itches. Have sunscreen for both the body and face. You might even consider a lip sunscreen as well. Also, have on hand a simple bug bite treatment. Less itching means more time to enjoy the wilderness.

  1. Duct Tape

It’s incredible what this item can do, saving things from breaking apart and creating a moisture barrier. Have a roll of it inside your bag at all times. The tape seals food products easily, preventing moisture and staleness. Also, use it to cover up cracks or holes in tents or water bottles. On a hike, place patches of tape on the ground or a tree, marking your path. This step serves as a useful reminder of how to return to camp safely.

  1. Portable Cell Phone Battery

Camping is often an attempt to escape technology, returning to a bit of a simpler life; however, that doesn’t mean you want to leave the device at home or not have it at all. A phone can prove useful in providing emergency contact, assisting in tracking and traveling, and permit for a bit of relaxation with music or entertainment. If lost or in danger, it could prove lifesaving. Since plugs don’t exist in the wild, have a small portable phone charger or battery pack inside your gear.

Be ready for the unexpected by packing for even the littlest mishaps. The little things can make for a more comfortable stay. Breathe deep, soaking in the beauty and awesomeness of the natural world.

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