What We Must Know About Urgent Care And Emergency Care

Most of us believe or understand that urgency and emergency in layman’s terms are of the same level when it comes to medical cases. But for the experts, the intensity of the situation that leads to specific care is different. Well, maybe we are just using the two terms literally and not referring to how the patient’s condition is that’s why we may be confused when hearing these in the hospitals.

So if you go to facilities, such as Southshoreer, then you may be thinking about how urgent the case is, which will be very confusing because the patient is in the room and waiting for attending physicians. Anyway, the medical experts know how they are going to treat you and they can tell when it is urgent even when you are all in the same room. Let’s say that they can handle whatever case there is and these matters are managed accordingly because they have steps or processes to follow.

For example, you came to the hospital or clinic because you are in pain and would like to be treated right away so you just want them to give you medicine that eases the pain. However, they cannot do that without checking and assessing your condition, so you may have to deal with various equipment first before receiving the prescription. But if you are running out of breath or your case is life-threatening, then you will be given all the attention and that’s considered an emergency.

Emergency Care

All our medical practitioners will do their best to give us the care that we need based on our condition, especially if it is serious or life-threatening. Such emergency patients cannot wait any longer because they may die or get worsen and our medical practitioners don’t want to get blamed for negligence. They are professionals – learn who they are at https://www.webmd.com/health-insurance/insurance-doctor-types, working by heart so they will do their best and just do what is right.


A patient will be assessed upon entry to the ER and let’s say that this is just the first step that you will take before proceeding to a more serious step and getting admitted. Any health condition that may lead to a life-threatening situation will be given immediate attention and will be advised to stay to be observed, while some patients are only treated in the ER and can go home after the treatment. Sometimes, you don’t even look seriously ill but you have a condition that might get worse any time so you will be listed for admission and undergo urgent treatment.

Our medical experts will do everything to keep his patient out of the situation where he may be impaired when not given emergency care. Let’s say that he would like to save you from a near-death situation and he is doing this because it is his job so we have to choose facilities with excellent doctors, advanced tools or equipment, and nurses. We can’t just go to any ERs that cannot provide us with our needs as a patient.


Urgent Care

We walk in or book an appointment to the hospital or clinic for various health conditions that we should not ignore. Let’s say that you don’t need to be admitted because the case is not very serious but you still need to be checked to monitor your status. Sometimes our illness may not look life-threatening or these may not be considered as an emergency case but when not given proper and required care might lead to a serious one.

In my opinion, no matter how mild or severe the symptoms you are feeling right now, medical experts must be able to check you. We cannot always say that we are fine when we know that something is wrong in our system and this might not need alternative treatments, but we should ask for urgent care as much as possible.

Some conditions that need urgency include cuts or wounds that require stitches, diagnostic tests – check this out for types of these tests, eye or skin irritation, accidents, severe pains, infections, and breathing difficulty because of asthma to name a few. Let’s not wait for any of these to worsen so if you would like to seek help, then you may call the hospital to get a schedule for your checkup or come immediately as soon as you have symptoms to consult.

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