What Happens if You Slip and Fall in the Store?

If the doors of a store are open, the sellers should make sure that the place is safe. They have to make sure that the store has all the amenities required in case of any emergency. As a seller, you must make sure that your store is completely hazard-less. If there is an accident that occurs in your store due to any lack of safety, the victim can sue you under the law.

If there is a slip and fall case that occurs inside the store, you can raise a personal injury claim. It does not matter if the store is under big names such as Walmart, Kroger or an ordinary retailer in your area. The rules under the law of Personal Injury apply to all in the same way. As a victim, you may file a lawsuit, but there is no guarantee that your judgment process will run smoothly. You must know what to do if you slip and fall in a store and only reach out to the experts in this niche.

How will you prove your claim?

Firstly, if you are injured due to an accident in a store, you are entitled to proper compensation. However, certain conditions should match the incident to state your claim is true.

  1.     You have to prove that the accident was dangerous or the reason for your fall was risky. In this case, you have slipped so you need to prove the serious injuries that you have incurred.
  2.   You have to prove that the owner of the store was aware of the situation and still did not take safety precautions. This will result in a case based on a duty breach.

Also, you must make sure that the attorney you are hiring is an expert. He will be able to guide you well throughout the whole procedure.

What will you do when there is an accident?

You need to act promptly when there is a slip and fall case in the store. The victim doesn’t need to be relative. You can help any random person when he is in an emergency such as this. These are the following things you should do when there is an accident.

  1.     Medical help

Immediate medical assistance is a must if a person falls. If you have a broken bone or a dangerous injury, it can be easily understood. However, there can be cases when your limbs become numb at the time of the injury but you may feel the pain later.

  1.   Identify the cause

Find out why you fell. There could be water on the floor or the tiles were rocky. There can be electrical wires or other substances lying loosely on the floor. This can raise the chances of slipping or tripping easily.

  1.     Document the incident

It is an emergency but you need to act wisely. Note down whatever you see around you that can be proof of an accident. Take pictures of all those things and also ask the staff for the CCTV footage of that hour. You should also take down the contact details of a few people present during that time.

  1.   File a case

Now that you have everything with you, find a good attorney who has experience in slip and fall cases. He will help you to file a case in the court of law against the store owner.

The next time you see someone in an emergency, you know exactly what to tell them. These incidents are seriously punishable cases and you should always report them.

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