How to Provide Great Customer Service in Healthcare

If you are a new or an established practice, you are always wondering how you can give your patients better service. Giving the best possible service will have your patients continuing to trust you with their health and may attract new patients as well. Read on for how to provide your patients with great customer service.


The last thing a patient wants is to feel like their provider is not listening to their concerns. To refrain from making appointments feel rushed for your patient, be sure to schedule enough time for visits and in-between appointments, so you never have to hurry out of the office. When you are interacting with patients, fully listen to all of their concerns and answer all of their questions. You can also incorporate questions, asking your patients about their personal life and how they are doing. They will greatly appreciate you remembering a small detail about their life and asking about it later. These little things can make the people that come into your office loyal patients who will recommend you to their friends and family.

Be Responsive

You want to be there for your patients whenever they need you. However, it is not always possible that you can directly be there to help them. You may want to consider getting a 24/7 answering service for your practice. This way your patients are able to connect with someone even during the weekends or evenings. You want to have staff who are able to get back to your patients as soon as possible. It can be extremely frustrating not being able to get in touch with your doctor when needed. Make sure that your staff is never too bogged down with work to not be able to answer your patients in a timely manner.

Hire Helpful Staff

Along with being a responsive practice, you need to hire staff that are ready to go above and beyond for your patients. Patients coming into the office will often interact with front desk staff, medical assistants, and nurses as much as, if not more, than they will with you. That is why these staff members can have a great impact on your patients overall impression and experience of your practice.

Follow Up

Patients want to leave a doctor’s visit feeling cared for, not like they were just part of a business transaction. That’s why it’s important to follow up with patients after any medical procedures they had at your office. They will appreciate you checking in on them, and you will be aware of anything that possibly went wrong after a procedure. Although you likely have a very busy schedule, follow-ups will mean a lot more coming from you over someone else on your medical team.

Stay Up-to-Date

Another way to offer great customer service for your patients is by being able to offer them the newest technology. If you know of a new procedure or service that could benefit your patients, you should consider investing in it. You want to make sure you have telehealth software, so you are able to serve your patients even when they are unable to make it into your office. Not having all the latest technologies at your office can cause some patients to move to a different provider.

Giving your patients a great customer service experience will greatly increase patient satisfaction. Focusing on the service you give both in and out of the exam room will lead to you having happy patients and a successful practice for many years to come.

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