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The detoxification of crystalline methamphetamine is the first step in restoring and breaking the vicious cycle of dependence. Since the craving for crystalline methamphetamine is intense, many users tend to relapse in order not to get rid of the sensations that occur during detoxification. In addition, discomfort from detoxification and symptoms that can persist for months, requires professional monitoring. Treatment for substance abuse should be started immediately after detoxification.

The Best Treatment

To date, the best treatment for dependence on methamphetamine is a combination of behavioral, cognitive, emotional and psychological treatments. At the same time, patients should receive knowledge about drugs and alcohol, prevent relapses, life skills sessions and other complementary therapies that give a healthy sense of self, new approaches to leisure and daily skills. Family therapy, the 12-step principle and meetings are also considered important components of treatment. The National Institute for the Study of Drug Abuse facilitates this comprehensive treatment model. The drug addiction program “Alternative treatment” includes all aspects of the NIDA model, as well as additional treatment methods.

For those addicts who decide once and for all to put an end to their pernicious habit, it is very important to quickly and efficiently release the body from toxic substances. Since recent studies have shown that narcotic substances can be accumulated by fatty tissue and remain there for a long time (sometimes for several years), this fact gives an understanding of the need for their accelerated excretion. The methamphetamine recovery center happens to be essential there.

Detox house

What Is Detoxification and Its Methods

Detoxification of the body from drugs is a process in which the drug addict is decontaminated and removed from the body from a psychotropic drug and the products of its disintegration that poison the body. There are various methods of detoxification.

It should be noted that cleansing can be carried out effectively only in the event of a complete withdrawal from the use of psychotropic drugs. But such people are extremely few, because it requires a huge willpower. And even after the complete release of the body from the drug, the problem can not be solved completely, and the former drug addict still has a high risk of failure. Therefore, detoxification is not the only way to get rid of addiction.

The methods of detoxification are as follows:


It is produced with the help of certain medicines, which enter into a chemical reaction with narcotic substances and are excreted from the body


The most modern method produces deep cleansing of blood from any kind of toxins and harmful substances. Conducting requires the use of modern equipment and qualified personnel.


Without the use of strong drugs and special devices

This method is based on methods that allow to accelerate metabolic processes by strengthening the excretory function of the kidneys and sweat glands. Applicable in cases of using light drugs, and represents a load for the body, so the method is contraindicated in certain diseases.

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