Doctors and researchers are always working together

Doctors and researchers are always working together to come up with the best possible means of treatments. Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, institutions like MIT, and even national clinics are all fueled by one thing: advances in healthcare. Using alternate therapies, artificial intelligence and innovations that aid healing and recovery, there’s so much waiting to happen in healthcare.

Luckily, the efforts invested are bearing results. Your local doctor will soon have their hands on the new breakthroughs in healthcare!  With millions of dollars invested into health care until now, here’s what the year 2019 will be introducing us to:

1. Advanced Immunotherapy forCancer Patients: A Personalized Approach

Cancer immunotherapy was a breakthrough treatment, which used the body’s own immune system to beat cancer.

Using the concepts of joint therapy and engineered T-cells, researchers were able to have successful trials using immunotherapeutic targets and biomarkers. Not only that, but a German company BioNTech is working with Genentech to come up with mRNA based therapies to reprogram the body’s immunity to attack cancer cells. These will make up the personalized treatment for cancer.

In other words, personalized cancer therapy could be one of 2019’s biggest health care highlights – we may be closer to a cure than you know!

2. Patient Specific 3D Printing

Using 3D printing technology, medical devices can now decipher the exact specifications of the human body and replicate compatible products.

The organs/body products procured via 3D printing have better chances of being accepted by the body without risking the need for a transplant. This means those suffering from organ failure or missing limbs now have the opportunity to live healthier lives.

External prosthetics, cranial, orthopedic implants and customized airway stents are some of the common products that are 3D printed for patients – and now, they’re even better!

3. Robotic Surgery

We have seen prototypes perform delicate procedures as demonstrations but this time,robotic surgery is definitely making an entrance.

Besides relying on robots for complicated spinal and endovascular procedures, surgeons and local doctors will be utilizing robots for precision surgeries. Doctors will also be relying on them for guidance in the surgery room.

Luckily, innovations have led this breakthrough to show promising results, and various benefits can be seen with minimally invasive procedures done by robots.

Soon local doctors will also be able to cater to hospital level jobs without needing the expertise that those individuals require. With advances in healthcare coming up this year, it’s time to celebrate the coming of good health and treatment of so many others!

For more information, speak to your local doctor about the upcoming changes, and how they will benefit you and your loved ones!

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