Why are young people attracted to marijuana?

Although most of the countries have banned the use of drugs and weeds, still there is an alarmingly high percentage of people who use both and are addicted to them. young people are most commonly addicted to drugs and this is very worrisome because this is the age when habits are developing and the chances for the strengthening of the addiction are very high.

Some careful measures must be taken in this regard to stop the young generation from getting addicted to marijuana and the reasons for the love of it must be considered. It is easy to find marijuana and marijuana clones over here because the websites are abundantly selling them and people just love to have them as well.

But knowing the reasons behind the use of marijuana and the attraction in them would help people treat it well and get the young generation away from it. here we have mentioned these reasons for you in hope that if you are a teacher, a parent, or a mentor to someone who is addicted to these curses, you can help them out and sort out their problems well.

Let us take a look at these reasons given below.

  • Pressure from the fellows

When you are going to high school, work, and some vacation you are making new friends and new bonds and they might like to involve you in such activities as well. sometimes saying no to them becomes very difficult and the pressure takes you to a point where you can no more prevent it.

  • Thinking that marijuana is not harmful

There are some researches made on marijuana that show that it has several benefits in the field of medicine as well and that it is not harmful at all. This is the reason why people are using it but they are not aware that the benefits in it are less and it is more harmful.

  • For relief

Several mental illnesses are cured with the help of marijuana as well because it largely affects your brain and makes you feel at peace all the time. So you can make use of it for relief from the anxiety, depression, post-trauma effects, and several other things linked to the brain.

  • Availability

Another reason behind the use of marijuana in bulk is the fact that it is available to the younger generation all the time.

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