Tips for Recovering After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Many people do not have room for their wisdom teeth to erupt. This means that a dentist will have to extract them. This procedure usually takes place when a patient is between the ages of 16-22, but even adults sometimes need wisdom teeth taken out. While it is considered an oral surgery procedure, the recovery is usually minor. Consider these three ways to take care of yourself after wisdom teeth extraction.

Avoid Sucking or Rinsing

When you have this oral surgery procedure done at Glen Ellyn Dentistry, you will likely be sent home with instructions to follow. One of the most important ones on this list is to avoid sucking and rinsing. This is to prevent a dry socket, a painful condition that can land you back into the dental chair. Do not drink through a straw, and do not forcefully spit after brushing your teeth.

Get Plenty of Rest

After you have one or more wisdom teeth taken out, you will need to take it easy for a day or two. The amount of time that you need to rest depends on the difficultly of the extraction, so be sure to discuss this with your dentist. Avoid exerting yourself or getting too hot for at least 48 hours after surgery. This is a great time to take it easy on the couch and catch up on your Netflix shows!

Eat Soft Foods

After your extractions, you will not be able to eat hard or chewy foods for a few days. Every patient recovers at a different rate, so listen to what your body is telling you. Things like mashed potatoes, gelatin and protein shakes can be great to have on hand after your appointment.

When you know what to expect for your recovery period, getting your wisdom teeth extracted is no longer something to dread.


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