Three Signs That Warrant a Trip to the Dentist

Having a routine dental exam and regular teeth cleanings are great ways to ensure that teeth and gums are healthy. There are certain instances, however, when it may be necessary to visit a dentist for an emergency visit to take care of an unexpected issue. Here are three signs to look out for that may warrant a trip to the dentist.

1. Pay Attention to Tooth Sensitivity

While many people experience some normal sensitivity involving teeth and gums, if a tooth starts to feel extremely sensitive – particularly while consuming cold or hot foods and beverages – this (along with other symptoms) – could indicate that a cavity has formed. It may be beneficial to have the area of concern examined to rule out – or treat – tooth decay.

2. Severe Pain in the Mouth May Be a Medical Emergency

Having intense pain in any area of the body is usually a sign that something is wrong – and this includes experiencing pain in the mouth. If a toothache or an area inside the mouth is causing a great deal of discomfort, it is vital to see a medical professional to address the problem. Oral aching and swelling could be indicative of an infection. If an infection is determined to be the cause of the ache, a dental surgeon may need to extract a tooth during a visit. Fortunately, not long after a tooth is extracted, an immediate implant placement technique may be utilized to replace a tooth that has been removed.

3. Injury to the Mouth or Teeth May Need Dental Attention

Accidents happen, and sometimes, the mouth and teeth can be affected. If an injury is sustained to the mouth – or if a tooth is chipped for example – it may be beneficial to see a doctor as soon as possible. The sooner that a dentist can evaluate and cure any problems with the teeth or the mouth, the better.

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