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You don’t know when or how to take supplements that provide fuel for your training sessions and competitions? In this article it is explained that the different energy supplements for endurance and ultra-deep sports.

Sometimes athletes are not very clear when to start taking energy supplement. Snac Energy supplements provide energy or calories to the body to be able to continue with exercise and maintain sports performance.

What is the base nutrient of energy supplements?

The main content of energy supplements are carbohydrates. The reason is that energy metabolism during exercise uses carbohydrates as the main source of fuel, as well as being the most efficient metabolic route for energy.

Each supplement has a different composition:

Energy gels usually contain mainly a combination of different types of carbohydrates to increase their absorption speed, water and sometimes salts and / or caffeine. The jelly beans have the same composition except for the amount of water.

The main compound in energy bars are carbohydrates, but generally they also usually contain a proportion of fat. These fats are welcome in longer sports since the longer the duration, the metabolism of fats increases with respect to carbohydrates. For this reason, in cycling marches, mountain races or triathlon, it is a widely used energy resource.

Energy drinks contain carbohydrates, but to a lesser extent, since their carbohydrate content should not exceed a concentration of 10% to avoid gastrointestinal stagnation and thus avoid any stomach upset. Sports drinks usually contain mineral salts to replace the losses of these electrolytes during exercise and avoid dehydration and the appearance of muscle cramps.

When should you start taking energy supplements?

In endurance sports, it is recommended to take an extra energy supply when the duration of the exercise is going to exceed one hour and the glycogen stores begin to deplete.

The amount varies mainly depending on the duration and intensity. The longer duration and intensity, a greater energy intake is needed to maintain the desired sports performance, while the shorter the duration and at lower intensities, its dependence is less.

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