Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Face Masks in Public Places

Under the present circumstance, where coronavirus is spreading like wild fire in all parts of the world, wearing face mask is the only protection available to us, so that we can remain protected from this virus to some extent.

You can always buy these protective N95 masks from Custom earth Promos, where you can choose your face mask depending upon your size, so that it can properly fit on your face. Nowadays it is mandatory to wear such masks whenever you are going out of your house to any public places.

Let us talk about few dos and don’ts that you must know while you use these face masks for your protection.


  1. Whenever you are going out in public, do wear your mask or any face cloth to cover your mouth and nose.
  2. Make sure that your mask is properly fitted on your mouth with multiple layers of fabric and you are breathing through it properly.
  3. You must also ensure that there should not be any gap so that any outside particle can reach your nose or mouth.
  4. Always wash your hands thoroughly before you wear your mask and whenever you touch your mask or after you remove the mask, you must wash your hands.
  5. Properly tie the loops of mask on your ears, so that it is not loose and there is a gap present.
  6. While removing the mask, avoid touching your nose, eyes or mouth.
  7. You must also maintain proper social distancing from public while staying at home as well as while you are moving within the public area. You must maintain a distance of 6 feet from the other person.
  8. If there are elder members present at home then you must wear masks while you are near them.
  9. If you are wearing cloth masks then you must regularly wash them by using suitable detergents.


  1. Never use masks for young children who are below 2 years of age. Also avoid masks if the person has breathing problem or those who cannot remove masks all by themselves.
  2. Avoid using surgical masks as they are mainly for use of medical personnel.
  3. Don’t pull down mask in order to eat food or drink water or any other beverage. You must remove it completely while doing any of these activities by maintaining proper hygiene.
  4. Don’t wear such mask, which is not properly cleaned, or soiled, torn, damaged, saturated or has certain distortions in its form or shape.
  5. Don’t use your mask just to provide false security sense to avoid persecution. You may still get infected just by touching eyes that are not covered by face mask.
  6. Don’t try to neglect taking any other preventive measures, like maintaining 6 feet distance from others, careful about where you put your hands, and washing hands more often.
  7. Don’t try to venture out if you are feeling sick, having fever or if you are coughing/sneezing.

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