Consideration to make when selecting an immigration attorney for your H-1B Visa Application

It is usually a dream come true for foreigners to be granted visas that will enable them to work in U.S.-based companies. Each year thousands of applications are approved by U.S.C.I.S. Many more qualified individuals subject to H1B cap or who are in H1B status are on the search for suitable immigration attorneys.

It is not easy to decide which immigration attorney may be suitable for you because they are many of them available to offer their services. Here are some guides to help employers and potential H1B visa beneficiary’s tips of finding an H1B visa lawyer Los Angeles -located suitable for them.

The good standing of a state bar

It is essential to ensure that the lawyer you will be hiring is admitted to and stand well with a state bar in the United States. U.S. immigration is controlled by federal law. Any practicing attorney can represent any H1B visa applicant anywhere in the U.S. if they have all the proper credentials and documents.

AILA member

Immigration law and H1B visa law are complex and complicate. Therefore, it is essential to hire a lawyer with experience in handling such cases and usually keeps up with the immigration laws and trends. Finding a lawyer who is a member of AILA is a clear indication that they are devoted to practicing immigration law and are knowledgeable in that area of practice.

H1B visa experience

Not all U.S. immigration attorneys you will find are well-versed with H1B visa laws. Some have specialized in other areas of immigration like family immigration. Others deal with removal and asylum practice. It is essential to ask first which area an immigration attorney specializes in to find one who has experience handling cases with the H1B visa process. Ensure that you settle for a lawyer you can trust and be comfortable working with.


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