4 Ways To Teach Your Kids Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Do you struggle to get your kids to brush their teeth? Are you worried they may develop poor dental hygiene habits that last into adulthood? If so, there are things you can do to make dental hygiene fun. Here are four ways to teach your kids oral hygiene habits that they’ll actually look forward to doing every day.

1. Go To the Dentist

Dental visits aren’t just for toothaches. It’s wise to take your little one to park slope family dentistry for regular cleanings as well. Professional dental cleanings are a great way to minimize cavity risk and help your child understand the importance of oral health.

2. Buy a Special Toothbrush

It may be tempting to grab the discounted, 24-pack of regular toothbrushes from your local bulk membership store, but doing so won’t help your kids get excited about brushing. Instead, purchase a special toothbrush in a shape or color your child likes. Kids also get excited over character brushes and will look forward to their normal dental routine if it involves spending time with their Dora the Explorer or SpongeBob toothbrush!

3. Set a Timer

It’s easier for kids to brush their teeth the appropriate length of time if you set a timer. A 2-minute timer is best, since it adheres to the American Dental Association’s recommendations. A sand timer can be fun for your child to flip over and watch, but a digital version also works well.

4. Give Rewards

Your child is more likely to brush and floss without complaints if there’s a reward in store. Consider creating a chart that helps you keep track of the days your child brushes and flosses. You can mark each successful day with a sticker. You may want to use two different sticker colors: one for brushing and one for flossing. At the end of each successful week, reward your child with a small toy.

Childhood oral hygiene habits can continue into adulthood. Make sure your child gets the best start for his or her oral health by incorporating these four tips into your daily routine.

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