3 Ways to Relax

If you know you have a stressful event coming up, or if every day is filled with tension, plan ahead to relax. Just like making a hair appointment or a lunch date with friends, planning for your relaxation is especially important. When your body relaxes, your mind and soul also heal. Consider these three great relaxation techniques


Scheduling a massage at the end of a particularly grueling assignment at work is like dangling a carrot on a stick. It will help you get to the finish line knowing you have something to look forward to. There are several different types of massage that can really help you release built up tension in your body. Swedish massage can be found in almost every city and involves long flowing strokes across the muscles. For a special treat, add a hot stone component. Another great massage technique is trigger point therapy Phoenix AZ or your town which involves press and release pressure on the tightest muscles.


It may take a few sessions to get into it, but after you have established a routine, your mind will crave this quiet time. Meditation has many health benefits and the top one is that it reduces the stress hormone cortisol. In as little as 10 minutes a day, you can relax your mind and improve your emotional state. There are several meditation apps available for download on your phone, so you can take a few minutes for yourself just about anywhere.


You’ve heard it before, and it’s true. Exercise helps regulate stress hormones and raises your serotonin levels which make you feel better. You don’t have to become a marathon runner to feel the benefits of exercise. Schedule a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood or gentle yoga video in front of the TV.

Finding time to relax is necessary for your mental and emotional health which is just as important as your physical health. Don’t “hope you can relax later.” Find a way to schedule in this important component of your well-being every single day.

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