3 Tricks to Accomplishing Your New Year’s Resolutions This Year

It’s that time of year again when you set your annual resolutions. No matter what you want to accomplish, you can achieve it if you: set realistic goals, make yourself accountable and give yourself some flexibility. These three steps will help ensure your resolutions are met by the end of the year.

Set Realistic Goals

Everyone has something they want to accomplish. When deciding on these goals, it is easy to pick something that may not be practical for your lifestyle. Setting a realistic goal is the first step in achieving your resolution. A realistic goal works for your motivation and mindset and can be completed in the given timeframe. For example, if you want to complete your master’s degree, have you started school? Do you have the time to take all the courses necessary? If the answer is no, this may not be a realistic goal. Instead, resolve to get started in your chosen program so that you can be on the path to success.

Make Yourself Accountable

With your goal in mind, start creating milestones to mark your progress. These milestones help you recognize whether you are staying on track with your resolution. You want to design a way to stay accountable for your goals as well. If you are looking to lose weight and get in shape, working with a personal fitness trainer will help. The trainer can keep you motivated, set realistic milestones and provide you professional insight into your personal fitness journey. With someone to be accountable to, you will also want to work harder to succeed.

Be Flexible

Finally, be flexible with yourself. If you miss a milestone or have trouble keeping on track, give yourself a break. Just because you missed one does not mean you cannot make it up or even exceed the next one. There will always be setbacks in life. If you do not forgive yourself when these lapses happen, it can make it harder to finish; especially when the circumstances are out of your control. Whenever you miss a goalpost, take the time to figure out why. Getting back on track means understanding what happened, figuring out why and adjusting your goals to ensure they still work for you. Additionally, don’t be afraid of asking for help if you need it.

Accomplishing your resolutions does not have to be hard. By setting realistic goals, holding yourself accountable and being flexible, you will be successful.

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