3 Reasons Why the U.S. Health Care System Must Change

According to John Hopkins University, health care spending in the United States is the highest among developed countries. Over the past several decades, there have been multiple proposals to change the system in this country, but none of them have truly prevailed at achieving the goal of lowering costs for everyone while making care more accessible. Although politicians have proposed promising solutions like Medicare Advantage for All Washington DC in recent years, progress still stalls. While opposing arguments against systematic change do still exist, the reasons for supporting a new system are increasing. Here are three of the top reasons why the U.S. health care system must change.

  1. It Costs Too Much

If you have ever ended up in the emergency room, no one needs to explain the high cost of health care to you. Compared with other countries around the world, the U.S. not only charges more for in-hospital services but also has much higher insurance costs. In addition, prices on prescriptions are also through the roof.

  1. People Remain Unhealthy

Even if Americans have the most expensive health care in the world, there is little to show for it. In addition to high rates of obesity, chronic disease and suicide, the U.S. also has a relatively high infant mortality rate. This does not sound like “optimal health.” Where is all the money going?

  1. You Do Not Get What You Pay For

A major reason Americans remain unhealthy is because of limited coverage options. Insurance plans are not only costly but often inaccessible. In addition to high monthly rates, factors like deductibles, referral requirements and exclusions prevent millions of people from getting the care they need.

When it comes to health care in this country, saying it needs work is an understatement. Regardless of which side of the aisle you stand on, make this one thing everyone can agree on: The U.S. health care system must change.


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