Why Yearly Preventative Care Appointments are Important

Taking the time each year to schedule a well-check with your primary care doctor is an important step for your overall health. While you need to make daily decisions for your well-being, such as the food you eat and the exercise you pursue, your yearly visit can catch vital signs of dangerous diseases before they become a problem.

Early Disease Detection

Many chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease, can be avoided with the proper preventative care. Doctors can suggest healthier lifestyle habits to help patients live longer and healthier. Other diseases, such as cancer, show up often during annual medical visits. Early detection is crucial to eliminate cancerous cells through radiation and chemotherapy before those cells spread to other areas of the body.

In-Depth Blood Work

Blood work each year allows your adult primary care Rockville MD physician to know exactly what your baseline vitals are. If something changes from one year to the next, your doctor can pinpoint where to begin investigating the issue.

Manage Mental Health

Discussing your mental health with your medical provider can be important to prevent the devastating effects of depression or anxiety. A doctor can provide prescription medication for debilitating mental health issues and can also refer you to a counselor for a well-rounded approach to your mental health. Your doctor can also refer you to a psychiatrist, who specializes in mental health, if you need more assistance than your doctor can provide.

The importance of annual visits to the doctor can not be stressed highly enough. Many diseases can be avoided completely when the proper care is provided. Not many people enjoy going to the doctor, but preventative care lowers the number of times you’ll be in the doctor’s office throughout your life by helping you stay as healthy as possible.


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