The Importance of Keeping Seniors Physically and Mentally Active

The way to stay healthy is simple, it’s all about staying active. Exercise is critical for providing high quality senior care in Naples. But did you know that staying active mentally is just as vital to a senior’s health and well-being? Without the one, the other can start to become diminished.

It takes a successful combination of both to keep seniors safe and healthy. But why are both so important to the successful aging of your loved one? Activity is one of the cornerstones of a senior’s healthy lifestyle, as staying fit and sharp does wonders for our well-being as we age.

The Benefits of Physical Activity

For most seniors, getting exercise is something that can provide numerous benefits. There are the social aspects of exercise, seniors who get out more and spend time with friends are doing themselves a world of good.

When a senior goes outside and takes a walk, a jog, or goes swimming in a social environment, that senior isn’t just improving their heart health, building muscle, lowering blood pressure, and maintaining proper balance, they are also interacting with friends or family.

Staying social is imperative to healthy living. Seniors who are isolated from friends and loved ones by remaining cooped up at home all day and night are more likely to feel the effects of depression and other mental and emotional challenges.

A good exercise regimen is imperative for keeping all of the organs and internal systems from the respiratory to the circulatory working in fine shape.

The Benefits of Mental Activity

There is a direct connection between the benefits of physical and mental activity. Staying physically active can improve your mental well-being. Seniors who get enough exercise can all feel the effects of an improved mood and disposition. Exercise can make a senior avoid the feelings of melancholia, sadness, and loneliness that can set in when he or she is sitting at home all alone.

But when a senior remains mentally fit, he or she can enjoy the benefits of staying sharper and more attentive. Memory can fade over time and, where seniors are concerned, the loss of memory can be devastating. It could be the first indications that dementia or Alzheimer’s disease are setting in, at the most extreme case.

However, if you want strengthen your ability for recall and remain at the top of your wit, practice your attention and comprehension skills. Read more, play some puzzling brain teasers, memorize small itemized lists and try to recite the lyrics from your favorite songs. Anything that helps you flex the muscle between your ears will help to strengthen it in much the same way you would your body and muscles that play a role in your physical health.

Seek out methods for improving your brain function, such as eating right and getting plenty of sleep. A refreshed body and mind are more likely to improve with ease. A senior who is tired and malnourished is going to have a much tougher time trying to remain physically and mentally active.

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