Tips On Paying Medical Bills

Medical bills are a part of life. When they are a bit large than normal, they can sometimes be very hard to pay. Here are some tips if you are experiencing medical bills that may have you a bit tight when it comes to available funds.

Don’t Use Credit Cards

If you have a medical bill that is larger than expected, the worst thing you can do is use a credit card to pay it to buy you some more time. The main reason this is a bad idea is that credit card companies are much more ruthless than medical providers. Medical providers are usually more than willing to negotiate payment terms to help you in pinch. Credit card companieson the other hand will not offer you a payment plan and instead will levvy judgements and lates on your credit which can be nearly impossible to recover from.

Having a bad credit rating can destroy your ability to buy anything large in the future such as a home or new vehicle.

Call The Provider

Most medical providers use a cdm charge master in order to make sure you are billed accurately, however, some providers don’t have this or just plain make mistakes. It’s always a good idea to call the provider to dispute the charge. Most providers are trained to charge the insurance company as much as possible, but you’d be surprised at how a simple phone call can often lessen the bill. If the bill is still unpayable, let them know you are dealing with some hard times as most providers will work out a payment plan to get the bill paid without damaging your credit or credit score. This is definitely the best solution if you are having issues paying your bills as it can usually be a win-win situation for both you and the provider.

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