Putting Self-Care on the Calendar

Most people know that they should establish a primary care physician for insurance purposes, but not everyone schedules regular appointments. Putting off necessary self-care is more common than most people think. Here are some regular appointments that you should have on the calendar.

Chiropractic or Massage

You put your body through a lot in the course of a day, especially if you spend the bulk of it sitting at a desk. Having regular chiropractic adjustments or deep tissue massage Bowling Green is a good way to relieve tension in muscles and make sure your body is in proper alignment.

Annual Checkup

Your PCP is not just a name on your insurance card. The office where your PCP practices holds your medical records and is your main source for ongoing care. You need an annual exam to properly track your overall health so that treatments and medications can be prescribed before small problems become bigger ones. The same concept applies to a well woman exam and mammogram for women over the age of 40. Early detection of an issue can save your life.

Dental Cleaning

Dentists may vary on whether you need to come in for an exam once or twice a year, but it’s good to have a regular cleaning on the books. During your cleaning, the dentist removes plaque buildup and checks for cavities and gum disease so that corrective measures can be taken.

Eye Exam

Your eyesight is likely to change as you age, so getting updates on a regular basis just makes sense. Your eye doctor can determine the right prescription and make sure that your glasses or contacts are giving you the clearest vision possible.

Taking care of yourself is more than just eating right and exercising. Making regular appointments with the professionals to whom you have entrusted your care helps you stay healthy.


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