How to Keep Motivated to Stay Fit through the Winter

The winter months often prove to be a challenging time for many of us, when keeping up with fitness routines can seem daunting. Whether you’re trying to get in shape or just maintain the physique that you sculpted earlier in the year, the key is to remain vigilant in your exercise routine through the colder months.

The shorter days, the colder weather and feasting holidays can easily lead anyone to decide to cuddle up in comfy clothes and refuse to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, stagnancy can easily lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which has symptoms similar to depression. To avoid this, just remember that a healthy body doesn’t happen overnight, and a strict, consistent regimen of exercise is key.

Very few people are eager to exercise in the cold and dreary weather, and exercising at home leaves few options, so the best alternative during the winter months is a gym. Not only does a gym give you access to state-of-the-art fitness equipment, allowing an array of different exercises, but you’ll also have access to professional personal trainers, who can help you learn about the latest fitness programs and offer an assortment of classes.

Joining group activities like yoga, boot camp, cycling or isometric training is a great way to stay motivated through the cold winter season and working with others will encourage you to stay on track. In fact, studies suggest that the healthy behaviors of others influence us more than any other motivating factor.

But what if you don’t want to sign a long-term contract for a gym membership? So many gym programs will lock you into a commitment you may not be ready for. Perhaps you prefer to run outdoors and are only choosing to visit the gym when the weather is too cold? Or you’d like to sign up for a yoga class but don’t want to get stuck in a gym contract that continues long after the class has run its course.

Fortunately, there are now gyms that offer a pay-per-use service rather than a long-term membership contract. For instance, if you’d like to spend an afternoon on the treadmill instead of running in the blistering cold, you could pay just $10 to have full access to a self-directed workout. Perhaps you’d like to join in on a Kangoo class without the commitment of having to attend every session ten times over – with a pay-as-you-go gym, you just pay for the sessions you want without having to worry about whether you’ll keep coming back months down the road.

Pay-per-use gyms are steadily becoming the standard in private gym usage – and for good reason! It’s much more encouraging to be able to hop off the couch and attend one boot camp session than it is to have to commit to an overwhelming number of sessions over a whole year.

However you choose to spend your time getting fit in the colder months, the trick is to stick with your program and not let the dreary weather get to you. Find a friend and get back to exercising with a pay-as-you-go gym so that you can keep in shape all winter long!

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