Why Saliva Testing for Drugs Is the Best Method for Your Business


While drug testing is not something that anyone looks forward to doing, it’s often a necessary part of a business and other things in life. Fortunately, there are many different ways to drug test that are not invasive. One of these is a saliva drug testing which is one of the most popular methods that are in use today. While many people think that blood tests are the only way to get accurate results, this isn’t the case as the drug compounds that are present in the blood are also present in the saliva as well.

There is no way to measure just how impaired someone is, but a higher concentration of the parent compound in the body and test results can indicate a higher level of impairment in the person that is being tested. Therefore, testing the levels in saliva is one of the best ways to measure just how impaired someone is by the drug that they have tested positive for. While urine testing shows the active metabolites of the drugs that are in someone’s system, they do not test for the parent compound as saliva does. These metabolites have no way to indicate the impairment level of the subject in any way.

Unlike urine testing, testing the saliva can show if drugs were taken very recently, even within hours of testing. It can also indicate if drugs have been taken up to 4 days from the testing. In some situations, saliva testing can show that there are drugs in the system immediately after they have been consumed, something that urine testing cannot do. If there has been an accident at work or if there is reasonable suspicion, saliva testing for drugs can be the best option for you to use.

Unlike urine and blood testing, saliva samples can be collecting easily and almost anywhere without any special equipment or worries about privacy invasion in a bathroom. There are many issues that come with urine testing as people are not comfortable with someone watching them pee and if they are not supervised, the results can easily be tampered with. The results from testing the saliva are just as accurate as the ones obtained from doing a blood test, but they are painless and don’t require the use of needles and special training.

The results of saliva testing are fast and very reliable. Usually, positive results can be obtained within just a few days while negative results are obtained on the same day. This is good news for people who need the results fast for things like hiring and determining fault after an accident in the workplace.

It’s difficult to tamper with or fake the results of saliva testing, but the same cannot be said if urine testing. The process of collecting the sample is quite simple. The person collecting the saliva simply uses a pad or swab to collect saliva from the person’s cheek. Once the device used has been saturated with saliva, it is then put in a vial and sent off for testing.

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