Medicare Supplement Plans and its uses

Oregon Medicare Supplemental insurance plans were created to fill in the gap left in coverage after Medicare pays for medical services and supplies for eligible Medicare beneficiaries. Traditional Medicare coverage pays some of the medical costs incurred by Medicare recipients, but this excellent medical coverage does not pay 100% of medical costs.

Oregon Medicare Supplement Plans

For residents in Oregon, this supplemental coverage fills in the gap left by Original Medicare. For instance, when a person that has Medicare goes to the doctor there is usually a co-payment that must be paid before services are rendered. Traditional Medicare generally does not cover this expense, but Oregon Medicare Supplement plans will kick in to assist with this cost.

Eligibility for Original Medicare includes a person being eligible to receive Social Security benefits and the person must have reached age 65 or older. People under age 65 that are considered disabled by Social Security do have options for supplement healthcare insurance. Not all states make it mandatory for a carrier to provide Oregon Medicare Supplements to those under 65, good news is that in this state all plans are available in this case. Oregon Medicare Supplement rates for those under 65 on disability are the same as for those over 65.

The Federal government protects seniors by mandating that all plans provide standardized coverage across all letter plans offered between providers. This standardized coverage ensures that regardless of the provider that is chosen the insured will have the same coverage. Oregon Medicare Supplemental insurance falls under this umbrella, so you can be confident that you’re protected from purchasing coverage that is not beneficial to you.

Oregon Medicare Supplement Birthday Rule

The Oregon Medicare Supplement birthday rule gives you the freedom to do a price comparison and switch your plan up to 30 days after your birthday. The change is guaranteed, but their are specific replacement plans that you’re allowed to switch too. Coverage would normally begin the first day of the month after the enrollment date.The Oregon birthday rule for Medicare Supplements was created to resolve the many complaints from residents stating that they’re being locked into policies with big annual increases.

State of Oregon Medicare Supplement Eligibility and Payment Options

To be eligible for state of Oregon Medicare Supplement insurance, you must first be covered under Medicare Part A and Part B. If you’re not enrolled in both Medicare Part A and B Medicare coverage, you do not qualify. If you wait to enroll, you could be charged with excess charges from your Part B coverage.

Open Enrollment for those who are eligible for Medicare begins the first day of the month that they will turn 65 or older AND are enrolled in Medicare Part B. This time period is a penalty free time frame when seniors can sign up without any penalties.

Government regulations require private insurance companies to not turn applicants away due to pre-existing medical issues. Additionally, the costs for supplemental insurance for Medicare in Oregon must be the same for all that receive the coverage. After your Open Enrollment Period, these protections are not mandated. Keep in mind that this supplemental insurance coverage is designed to cover only one person, so each person eligible for the coverage must pay for their own plan.

Oregon Medicare Supplement Brokerage

There’s a wide gap in costs associated with purchasing a Oregon Medigap plan. Plans are offered by private insurance companies, so each Oregon Medicare Supplemental insurance company will have different premium amounts based on the coverage that is chosen.

Selecting the best plan for your situation is very important, but sometimes, it’s hard to sort through all of the brochures and information provided by private insurance companies. In fact, it can be totally overwhelming. There’s no need to try to figure this out entirely by yourself when our Oregon Medicare Supplement brokerage has highly trained agents that deal with these plans extensively every day.

Find Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans Online

We offer a few different learning resources for your convenience. Our FAQ section includes a ton of useful information and we update our blog regularly with the most recent healthcare news. Our Medicare agents offer their expertise to you free of charge. You can either speak to a Medicare Supplement agent licensed in Oregon directly by calling the number above, or you can find Medicare Supplemental insurance plans online and compare rates side by side here.

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