How To Completely Detoxify Your Hair Of Weed And THC: Common Myths

Throughout the past, people and law enforcements have considered weed or marijuana as an illegal drug that creates numerous problems for the entire society.

The War on Drugs created a hype in which people thought that weed is chain-drug and a substance that will lead to further drug abuse for other and more problematic drugs in general.

However, the things changed in the last decade, and today, weed is getting full prominence and acceptance all across the USA.

Even though numerous states have decriminalized and legalized the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis, still employers can sack you from the work and hiring process if they notice traces of consumption.

Before entering this website:, you should learn what you should do when it comes to drug test, especially if you have consumed cannabis and want to pass it in the short term.

How Does Hair Analysis Work?

We have to start from the very beginning so that you can determine the process and understand how to pass it with ease. Hair analysis is becoming more and more popular drug test for employers since other types are simple to cheat and unreliable for long-term abuse.

Have in mind that urine drug test; for instance, can detect the consumption up to a few weeks before, which means that it cannot track patterns of abuse.

On the other hand, the hair drug test is efficient solution because you will be able to determine the previous usage of drugs in the last three months.

Unlike other tests, where you can find numerous detoxification remedies that will help you pass it, hair analysis is challenging to tamper with especially by substituting the samples.

When it comes to biological understanding, you should have in mind that substances you abuse will enter your bloodstream, and since every follicle will depend on blood vessels, the drug metabolites will travel the blood and enter the follicle and later the hair itself.

The screening process requires a preparation, which means that your employer has to set a time, date, and present you the timeframe so that you can reach a lab or other medical environment so that certified technicians can take samples with ease.

If you are thinking that, you can substitute samples by using someone else’s, think twice, because that will not happen. In most cases, technicians will take samples directly from your head the moment you enter the lab, which is why you cannot tamper with the specimen.

Do not worry, because they will use only 1.5 inches of hair, which will be closest to the shaft, and they will take the sample without affecting your appearance and hairstyle. By clicking here, you will be able to learn more about latest regulations when it comes to drug tests in general.

As soon as they reach the proper amount of samples, they will send it to the lab so that they can determine the presence of illicit substances and metabolites.

The question is why hair analysis has reached peak in popularity. The main reason for that is that this particular type of screening can recognize the patterns of drug abuse. Even though other tests are more affordable, they have short detection window.

For instance, saliva and urine tests will detect the immediate presence of drugs, while blood tests will provide you conclusive results, but they are also expensive and invasive for your employees and hiring applicants.

Hair tests are perfect solutions because they will provide you the accurate and long-term results without paying a hefty price for them. The main disadvantage of hair analysis is that you will not be able to detect the substances you consumed in the last few days.

Since our hair features specific nature of growth, only after five to seven days after consumption you will have traces of drug byproducts as the part of newly grown hair.

Therefore, if you consumed something a few hours before the test, you can rest assured because you will be able to pass the test.

We have mentioned above that an analysis can detect the drug abuse up to three months from consumption, so when you get positive to THC it means that you are consuming enough cannabis to reach the follicles, which is the high amount and for a long term.

Remedies That Won’t Help You Pass the Hair Drug Test

When it comes to passing a hair analysis, you should have in mind that the internet is filled with numerous potential remedies that will help you along the way. However, most of them are bad and will not provide you things you need to achieve.

Therefore, we decided to present to you the most popular remedies that will not help you pass this particular type of drug test:

1.   Detox Drinks

You can find numerous types of detox drinks that will help you remove the traces of THC from your body.

They claim that the mechanism of working is diluting your urine so that you can hide traces of THC. Most of them feature other substances that will color the urine since dilution will leave it colorless.

However, as you can see from everything we have mentioned above, the detox drinks are efficient for handling the urine, but they cannot help you cleanse your hair.

They are perfect for urine and saliva tests, but you should avoid them altogether if you wish to remove traces of THC compounds from your hair.

Have in mind that weed requires a significant detoxification process, which is why you should check this site:

2.   Food Supplements

Apart from the idea that detox drinks and pills are efficient for removing unwanted compounds from your body, you can find numerous supplements that will also help you remove traces of THC metabolites from your system.

However, the problem that lies within the hair cleansing is that you will not be able to consume anything so that you can remove compounds from the inside.

The only way to remove substances from your hair is through external detoxification, which means that whatever you consume, your hair will still feature every single metabolite you did in the last three months.

Supplements are great for cleansing blood and urine so that you can avoid further implementation of THC metabolites in the newly grown hair, but as soon as it starts to grow, the only way to cleanse it is through external methods such as the Macujo among other means.

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