Dosing Tips for New Cannabis Users

If you are a new cannabis user, it can be tough to know what you should be taking to start out. Your tolerance is likely to change over time but it is important to gain the benefits of cannabis by taking a proper dose, to begin with. There are some simple tips you can follow to make sure you are getting an optimal dose of cannabis even if you are new to taking it:

Avoid a Large Dose And Scale Up a Small Dose

Starting with 1-2 milligram doses and finding something that is going to work best for you is a better start. Even though taking high doses of cannabis will not be damaging to your health, you could experience symptoms of lethargy if you are taking too much all the time. With a lower level, you can experience better control without the chance of ongoing adverse effects.

A High THC Concentration Will Mean Adjusting Your Dose

Different strains and products will have different doses of THC. Make sure that you are looking at the concentration of THC and CBD so that you can know what to expect and the overall potency of the product.

Tinctures Can Be a Better Option For Chronic Conditions

Choosing edibles or tinctures can be a better item if you are working to maximize the perfect dose. Remember the number of drops that you need to get the perfect dose and then you can continue to replicate it over time.

Vaping Can Be Easier To Find A Dose Too

It can often be difficult to perfect your dose if you are going to be smoking the compounds primarily. Choosing a vaporizer with a specific temperature and measured pack can be a great way to control your dose, save on your lungs, and access healing through cannabis.

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