Your Options When Dealing With Tooth Loss

Losing a permanent tooth can be overwhelming. There are plenty of reasons adults may experience tooth loss, from injury and trauma to decay and genetic conditions. Whatever the cause, losing a permanent tooth is not a permanent sentence. In fact, most patients have several options to help restore a lost tooth and bring back a healthy smile.


One of the most natural-looking and long-lasting options for missing teeth is brooklyn dental implants. During surgery, a dental specialist will install small titanium rods in the patient’s gums. As the mouth heals over time, these rods will fuse to the jaw bone to provide a strong anchor for a prosthetic tooth cap. While this type of procedure tends to be the more costly option, it is also made to last for years longer than other alternatives. While the up-front payment may be larger, the expense tends to even out over time due to longevity. Many patients also enjoy the more natural look and secure fit that implants provide.

Crowns or Bridges

One of the most common solutions to major tooth loss is having a crown or bridge installed. Crowns are caps that are placed over tooth remnants with healthy roots still intact. A bridge is a prosthetic tooth replacement that is connected to adjacent teeth. This option fills the gap when a tooth is completely removed. Both procedures do not require surgery and are relatively simple for a dentist to perform. Crowns and bridges are also relatively inexpensive but may require replacement more frequently over time.


For patients who are facing significant tooth loss, dentures may be the best option. When several teeth fall out or need to be removed, most dentists will recommend dentures if the problem is due to poor oral health, significant decay or the aging process. For some patients, a partial denture is all that is needed to restore the smile. However, other patients would benefit from a full set of dentures to remedy lost teeth.

In some situations, patients can request to have implants installed to secure dentures in place during everyday wear. This helps ensure a better fit and less slippage while eating and talking. A dentist can help make the appropriate recommendations based on your unique needs and desires.

If you’re facing tooth loss, remember that you have several options to help replace your missing teeth. Talk to a dentist to discuss the pros and cons of each so you can make an informed decision about the future of your oral health.

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