Tooth Alignment for Adults: What Are Your Options?

If you’re dealing with unsightly, crooked teeth, it can be a hit to your confidence and happiness. While it’s true that correcting alignment issues during childhood is often faster and easier, adults can still receive treatment for this cosmetic issue. Not only can it give you a more beautiful smile, but it can also help by improving function and relieving discomfort. There are several options for adults who want to straighten their teeth.

Talk With Your Family Dentist

Tooth alignment certainly falls under the realm of family dentistry Highland Park IL. Be sure to speak with your dentist first about your concerns and find out the treatment options available to you based on your oral health history. Some general dentists receive specialized training in order to offer alignment treatments to their patients.

Schedule an Appointment With a Specialist

If you’re dealing with a more severe situation, you may need to see a dental expert who focuses on straightening teeth. Sometimes, a cosmetic dentist can help. These professionals use a variety of treatments, including veneers, whitening, and tooth alignment to create a more beautiful smile. Others may need to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist. These specialists offer more in-depth options for patients who need extra attention and care.

Try an Online Company

If scheduling and attending multiple appointments is difficult with your busy schedule, you may want to give an online company a try. Many who offer clear aligner trays can conduct virtual appointments and ship all the necessary materials and supplies directly to your home. If you’re dealing with more severe orthodontic issues, this may not be the right approach for you. However, if you’re dealing with minor alignment problems, it could be a good option.

Don’t wait to achieve a more beautiful smile and straighter teeth. Talk to an expert today to begin treatment, even as an adult.


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