Is Biological Dentistry Right For You?

Biological Dentistry is the practice of dentistry that incorporates a whole-body approach to health. It is very similar to Holistic Dentistry, as it treats the health of your mouth as a gateway to the health of your body and your spirit. Dentists that practice it, often emphasize prevention methods for healthy teeth and gums. They believe that the key to good health starts with your mouth. Many illnesses have been linked to gum disease and tooth decay. Biological dentists don’t just focus on mouth disease, but they look at the larger picture when treating their patients.

Benefits to a Holistic Approach to Dentistry:

* Emphasizes prevention. A biological dentist’s first emphasis is on prevention. They would rather prevent gum disease and tooth decay than to have to treat it. They will advise their patients on how nutrition and overall health can affect the entire body. Your mouth is full of bacteria, most of it good. But without proper dental hygiene, the dangerous bacteria can overpopulate the mouth, causing not just gum disease, but other health problems as well. Poor oral hygiene has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and even pregnancy complications.

* Identifies the root cause of mouth infections. Biological dentists will look at the entire health of the patient, and identify if other illnesses may be contributing to mouth problems. For example, diabetes can raise blood sugar and raise the sugar content in the mouth, which in turn creates an ideal environment for the bad bacteria to thrive.

* Conducts biocompatibility tests for fillings and crowns. Amalgam fillings can contain mercury, which can be harmful to the body. Biological dentists will test fillings and crowns for materials that are more of a biocompatible fit with each person, reducing the dangers of daily exposure to harmful substances. With today’s latest technology, there is no reason for patients not to have natural materials that are compatible with their bodies.

* Treats each patient as unique. Biological dentists will look at your entire health, and form a plan of treatment that is individualized for each patient. By treating the body and spirit as a whole, and not only looking at dental health, biological dentists can come up with unique plans of treatment for their patients.

How to Choose a Biological Dentist:

Look for a dentist that is a certified member of the International Acadamy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM). The IABDM was founded in 1985 with the goal in mind of promoting whole-body health approach to dentistry. Expect your initial visit to be longer than the traditional dentist appointment. Since a biological dentist is looking at your entire health, they will need to get a comprehensive health history from you on the first visit.

There are many benefits to biological dentistry, but only you can tell if it is the right fit for you. Do your research, and don’t be afraid to ask potential dentists questions about their practices. You want to be sure you find a good match for your individual needs.

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