How to Get You and Your Child Ready for the Dentist

Just like adults, kids may be apprehensive about their first visit to the dentist. Among the firsts that you will get to share with your child like eating solid food and taking their first steps taking them to a pediatric dentist missouri city tx probably isn’t one that you are looking forward to. Many parents aren’t properly prepared when they take their children to the doctor or dentist for the first time. The stress that this can cause can rub off on your child and make the situation worse. Fortunately, there are ways to make sure that their first experience with the dentist goes as smoothly as possible.

Correct Timing

Figuring out when to take your child to a dentist can be confusing as there are many different opinions about the subject. In general, most agree that children should be taken around 6 months after they first start teething or when they turn one, whichever comes first. It’s important to take them early so a dentist can identify and common dental problems before they get worse.

It’s important to get your children in before they can develop improper dental habits that can follow them through the rest of their life. While parents may know how to take care of their own oral hygiene it can be difficult for them to explain this to their children. A dentist can help give them the proper information on how to keep their teeth healthy that will last a lifetime.

Prepare Your Child

Kids can quickly develop anxiety about the dentist, especially when they hear adults or other children talk about their own apprehension with visits. It’s a good idea to start teaching them about how their bodies work including their teeth early on so they learn to love and appreciate the complex systems that make them who they are. There are many tools to help aid in this process such as educational books and videos.

Do Your Research

If this is your first child, picking out a good dentist can be daunting. If you have a dentist that you enjoy that practices care for the entire family, you’re in luck. If you have a dentist that only works with adults it might be a good idea to switch dentists yourself to one that will work with your whole family. It’s much easier to remember to go to the dentist yourself if you are already there with your children.

Asking your friends and family about their recommendations is a great place to start. There are also many resources online that can give you information about potential dentists for your children and yourself. Make sure you find an office with a comfortable environment that your child will feel relaxed in.

What to Expect

Many dentists will invite the parents to join their children in the exam room. This can help to keep them calm and allow the dentist to easily share beneficial information. The first visit usually doesn’t go beyond a basic cleaning and exam, but it will help prepare your child for any future visits with more invasive procedures.

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