Dental Crowns and How to Maintain Them

A crown is sometimes called a dental cap. This is a kind of dental restoration that fully covers or caps a tooth. Crowns are usually essential when there is a big cavity that is affecting the health of a tooth. Dental cement is used to both the crown to the tooth and crowns come from different materials. Crowns are used to enhance the appearance or the strength of teeth.

Both bridges and crowns are prosthetic devices that are fixed to teeth. Unlike dentures that are removable and one can remove them and have them cleaned, bridges and crowns are cemented unto an implant or existing teeth, and it is only a dentist who can remove them. A crown covers a damaged tooth. Besides, offering strength to a damaged tooth, a crown improves the appearance, alignment, and shape of the tooth.

In some cases, a crown is placed on top of an implant to offer a shape that looks like a tooth as well as structure for function. Ceramic or porcelain crowns can be matched to the natural color of the teeth. Other materials used for making crowns include acrylic, ceramic, metal alloys, and gold. Metal alloys are usually stronger as compared to porcelain and are mostly recommended for back teeth. Porcelain is usually used because it is attractive and strong when bonded to a metal.

A dentist is likely to recommend a crown to protect weak teeth from fracturing, restore a damaged tooth, bond a bridge, and replace a large filling when there is no remaining tooth. In addition to this, the dentist will recommend a crown to cover an implant as well as cover a poorly shaped or discolored tooth. Moreover, dental crowns aurora co can be sued to cover a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment.

Before a crown or a bridge is done, the size of the tooth has to be reduced so that the bridge or crown will perfectly fit over it. After the tooth size has been reduced, the dentist just like dental crown Downers Grove IL will make an impression to have the exact size of the bridge or crown. In the case of porcelain, the dentist will have to determine the right shape for the bridge or crown to match the existing teeth’s color.

Bridges and crowns can last a lifetime. However, sometimes they become loose as well as falling out. The best way to ensure that the crown or bridge stay for longer is to have good oral hygiene. The only reason what a bridge will become loose is that the bone or tooth making it stay in place is having some dental disease. It is essential to ensure that the gums, as well as the teeth, are kept healthy by brishi9ng twice or more in a day. In addition to this, it is essential to visit a dentist often for professional cleanings and checkups. Moreover, for one to prevent their bridge and crowns from damage, they should avoid chewing hard foods and hard objects.


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