3 Scary Halloween Stories For Kids

3 Scary Halloween Stories For Kids

There are many classic scary Halloween stories. Some Halloween stories derive from classic literature, but many others are based from myths and folk legends. Most kids love a scary Halloween story and here are a few great classics perfect for the little ones.
Where Is My Liver?
This tale is centered around a boy named Jimmy. Jimmy’s mother asked him to go to the store and buy some liver for dinner. On his way to the store Jimmy met up with his friends at the park for a game of baseball. By the time the game ended all the stores were closed. Not knowing what to do, Jimmy decided to go to the cemetery and take a liver from a corpse. Jimmy returned home with the liver and no one was home. He heard a noise and thought it was just his parents coming home. He heard a noise again, except this time he heard “Where is my liver?”. Scared, Jimmy hid under the bed. The door to his room opened and there was the dead man standing there. The dead man screamed “you have my liver” and took back his liver.
• Not too scary.
• Great for children of all ages.
Bloody Mary
As the legend goes, Bloody Mary was an old witch living deep in the woods. Local villagers started noticing the disappearance of young girls. A villager up late one night saw a young girl leaving her house in a trance-like state. He and some other villagers followed the girl to a field where they saw Bloody Mary looking years younger than her age. She had been taking the blood of young girls to look younger. The shocked villagers burned Bloody Mary at the stake. Ever since, it is said that Bloody Mary will appear and kill whoever utters her name three times into a mirror.

• A classic legend.
• Popular for everyone.
The Hook
The story begins with a teenage couple on Halloween night parked at Lover’s Lane. They hear a screeching sound of metal and quickly leave. When they finally get out the teenagers find a metal hook and hand stuck in the side of the car door.
• A popular urban legend.
• Not too scary and great for kids.
Halloween is a time for trick r’ treating and spooky ghost stories. There are plenty of scary Halloween stories perfect for children to enjoy. Halloween stories for children should be spooky, but not too gruesome. The point is to have fun and provide some chills, but not cause a nightmare. Many Halloween stories do just that.

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