Embracing The Idea of Independent Living For Family Members

In most people’s minds, the reception in a retirement home rhymes with collective life. In fact, in senior residences, the elderly live in a studio or a small individual apartment. Senior residences include common areas to provide collective services such as catering and optional activities. However, no one forces you to use them when you don’t want to.

Serviced or Independent

Senior residences, whether it is a serviced residence or an independent residence, offer a wide choice of spacious accommodation adapted to the needs of seniors and including separate entrances to respect your privacy. You are free to personalize your accommodation in a senior residence and furnish it to your liking while keeping your furniture and personal effects. You will therefore have no difficulty in feeling at home and absolutely safe in an environment adapted to aging.

Downsizing and Coping

Going into independent living does not mean that an elderly family member is walking away from other family members. It means that they can no longer cope in the big house they occupied when they were young. It is all about downsizing and becoming equipped to handle the latter years of their lives while being surrounded by people their age.

Geographical Location

Senior residences are more and more widespread throughout the United States and you can find an establishment suited to your needs in the region of your choice. The geographical location of the retirement home is indeed an important criterion to consider when even when it is a senior residence designed for independent seniors. To be attractive, senior residences are more often than not well located and easily accessible for families.


In addition, senior residences are designed to offer maximum security to their residents. Guarding and assistance services are available 24 hours a day, with trained staff to intervene immediately when you need help. Fort Myers Independent living affords the elderly their own space to feel at home. These senior residences are aimed precisely at reducing the possible risks of maintaining a single senior at home.

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